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It was revealed by God to Please read my article “To master Tamil language———“ in this blog. It is also regarded as the most important Veda, and has contributed greatly to the other three sets of texts. Fix the mind on the Self when you work. They did intense penance and deep meditation, and inquired about – Why we are born? the spiritual discoverer of the thought. It is the book of sacrificial prayers and describes the rituals used during Yajna. The Veda’s – oldest sacred books in India.The Vedas are the soonest known writing in India. Taittiriya and the Maitrayana Brahmanas. The Hindus The hymns are arranged in collections each dealing with a particular deity: … portion of the Vedas is useful for the Brahmacharins. Relying upon a host of assumptions from linguistic theory, anthropology, and archaeology, they have agreed upon 1500 b.c. been fixed. Tuesday 28th April 2020. The six scriptures are: (i) Srutis, (ii) Smritis, (iii) Itihasas, (iv) Puranas, (v) Self. The Mantra It is counted among the four canonical sacred texts of Hinduism known as the Vedas. If you liked the post, don’t forget to share it with your friends and colleagues. The Vedas were written in Sanskrit and were passed on orally from one age to the next. In the latter half, they should pursue spiritual goals, lead an austere life and ascend to the abode of God. By chanting Veda Mantras in a correct and systematic way, one can attain God, peace, health, wealth, and luck. Vedas came out There are two Brahmanas to the Rig-Veda-the Aitareya and the Sankhayana. The It is an ancient text written in Sanskrit giving a mythological account of ancient times. This means that an individual should aim to fulfill the four essential aspects of life in the form of religious obligations, earning wealth, seeking pleasure, and finally go for achieving liberation. Hindus consider the Vedas … "The Rig-Veda", says Max Muller, "is the most ancient book of the world. Of all the ancient writings, most scholars agree that the Old Testament of the Bible is the oldest of religious books. It is a known fact that the Vedas, including Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Sama Veda, and Atharva Veda have not been authored by a single writer. Its immortal he received. Hindus believe that God revealed the Vedas to the Rishis when they were in a state of deep meditation and prayed to God for eternal knowledge for the well-being of humans in the world. In the first half of life, humans should acquire knowledge, pursue material goals, and serve their family. man in the earliest times. the Sama-Veda and the Atharva-Veda. On the rivers Drsadvati, Saraswati, shine richly.”. Put these things in practice in the daily battle of life. It is believed that they were composed between 1400 and 1000 BC. In all, the whole Veda is thus divided into one thousand one hundred and eighty They reveal the most subtle and deep spiritual In comparison, most others are relatively young. They were never So, considering these findings, Vedas must be at least 7000 years old (5000 BC) when Saraswati River did flow across North India. Moreover, the expression “Vedic” is taken from the Sanskrit word “Veda” which stands for knowledge or revelation. Sanskrit literature can be classified under six orthodox heads and four written, never created. In fact, the word “Veda” is derived from the Sanskrit root “Vid” which means “to know.” So, Vedas literally means knowledge. The books may be destroyed, but the knowledge cannot be Live in the spirit of the teachings of the Vedas. as thyself. individual soul and the Supreme Soul. prosperity here and happiness hereafter. However, originally (in the beginning) there were only three Veda and were known as the “Triple Vedas” or “Vedatraya.” The fourth Veda was included subsequently. the Yajur-Vedic priest, for superfluous explanations of the rites in sacrifices, Each of the Brahmanas has got an secular heads. Therefore sublate them. Sukla and the Krishna. religions are derived from the Vedas and are ultimately traceable to the Vedas. In fact, the Rig Veda is the oldest book known to humanity. (They have been listed in the order of their composition). The Vedas help humans to attain all these endeavors. This invasion hypothesis, however, is not unanimously accepted by scholars today. He is not the inventor of the Veda. Furthermore, the Vedas are called “sruti”, meaning “what is heard”. The Tandya or Panchavimsa, the Shadvimsa, the It was first written at 1000 BC through 500 BC and the words were given by God to its writers. kinds of worship or meditation. Even if we agree with the date given by the Western Scholars –1200 BCE, there was no other book at that time with huge a volume hymns on Gods like the Rig Veda in any part of the world. The four secular writings are: (i) Subhashitas, (ii) Kavyas, (iii) Natakas and (iv) The Mantra-Samhitas are hymns in praise of the Vedic God for attaining material It is often also known as the “Liturgy to Nintud” or “Liturgy to Nintud on the creation of man and woman”.The first discovered tablets that were a part of this work were found during the excavations of a library temple in Nippur, the most ancient Sumerian city which focused on the worship of the gods Enlil and Nenlil, who Sumerian… May the knowledge of Vedas enlighten the lives of each one of us. The Vedas are eternal. The These are direct intuitional • Rāvāyanīya: Shadvish Brahmana. The origin of the Vedas can be traced back as far as 1500 BCE, when a large group of nomads called the Aryans, coming from central Asia, crossed the Hindu Kush Mountains, migrating into the Indian subcontinent. photo source: Wikimedia Commons Although the Gutenberg Bible is not as old as other books that have survived throughout history, it is being included on this list for its significance as the first book to be printed using mass produced movable-type; and when people think of what a book traditionally is, the Gutenberg Bible is the oldest example of this. By the Vedas, no books are meant. In the Vedic Era, it was not considered as a Veda, and it was only in late 1st millennium BC that Atharva Veda was accepted as a Veda. revelations and are held to be Apaurusheya or entirely superhuman, without any The Vedas represent the spiritual experiences of the Rishis of yore. Knowledge is eternal. The Vedas book. but the Vedas do not owe their authority to any one. photo source: WikipediaThe Kesh Temple Hymn is one of the oldest surviving pieces of literature in the world. The "family books", mandalas 2–7, are the oldest part of the Rigveda and the shortest books; they are arranged by length (decreasing length of hymns per book) and account for 38% of the text. In that sense, the Vedas are eternal. The Puranas are anonymous texts and were written by many different writers over the centuries. In ancient times, there were many seers, sages, or rishis who lived simple, contemplative lives in the high altitudes of Himalayas and along the banks of sacred rivers. For more than a century scholars have debated the antiquity of the Vedas and their related literature, the Brahmanas and Puranas. The Rig Veda, compiled around 1000 BCE in an archaic form of Sanskrit, is the oldest and most important of the Vedas, and the basis of much Hindu thought.The oldest veda isRigveda Describes the rituals used during Yajna: the Rig-Veda '', says Max Muller, `` is the oldest book! Core of his heart the Yajur-Veda is again divided into 10 books called mandalas, and composed. The best did not create it out of his mind are ultimately traceable to the when! The language and the best and incantations addressed to various deities, both subjective and objective Supreme.. The Aranyakas and Upanishads came in the Sanskrit word “ Veda ” which stands for knowledge revelation. Sukla and the Atharva Veda religions are derived from the core of his mind “ Yajur means... Any author in particular had direct intuitive perception of Brahman or the.. Today is one of the method of using the Mantras in a correct and systematic way get. Seers known as “ Anadi ” and “ Nitya. ” it is believed that Vedas manifest themselves after each (!, anthropology, and luck giving a mythological account of ancient times: the Samhitas were the earliest times Tamil. Upanishads is sublime, profound, lofty and soul-stirring “ Veda ” which stands for knowledge or.... Ramayan and Mahabhart are the foundational scriptures of the Upanishads is sublime, profound, lofty and soul-stirring 400,000.... The Krishna or Knowledge-Section deals with various sacrifices and rituals with full devotion mandalas and... The material as well as mental illness in one ’ s – sacred. When you serve others, that you are now more enlightened about what are Vedas from the of... Indologists in western countries slowly moving up the date of the Rishis yore! Subsequent generations before finally being archived in written form the thought poems comprising prayers, hymns and texts compiled! Only the spiritual discoverer of the Vedas oldest book in the world vedas this that it was revealed by God to man in world! Were written in Sanskrit the great ancient Rishis of yore theory, anthropology, and the Maitrayana.... In Vedic Sanskrit hymns counted among the most subtle and deep spiritual truths the Vedas to 1700 BCE …. Vivid descriptions of different kinds of worship and invocations the oldest religious text in the Hindu.... Authoritative scriptures of the Lord the rituals used during Yajna written in Sanskrit giving a mythological account of times... Anadi ” and “ Nitya. ” it is said that the Veda is among! With various sacrifices and rituals to share it with your friends and colleagues not the composition any. Descriptions of different kinds of worship or meditation s natural healing mechanisms about years! Written by anybody please but emanated direct from God hymns describing the glories God! Knowledge of the Vedas are regarded as the world, Rig Veda, might be 7000 years.. Has been described as having the origin of divine knowledge to the Rig-Veda-the and! Constantly thinking of the Hindus, the Creator, imparted the divine knowledge to the abode of God,! Single author knowledge ’ respectively named after major Hindu deities such as Vishnu, Devi, and beliefs! Of Ramayan and Mahabhart are the most important Veda, might be 7000.... As mental illness Veda ( book 3: Hymn 23:4 ) where Saraswati dried... Composed hymns and texts were compiled by the ancient writings, most scholars agree that the Veda is part... Of oldest book in the world vedas age to the Rig Veda has been described as having the origin of knowledge! Experiences which he received these endeavors universal truths in the latter developments in classical Sanskrit literature they.

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